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A new Champion and we have the 02 to look forward to now!

PDC William Hill World Championships Final Day

Posted: 02.01.20 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

A new Champion and we have the 02 to look forward to now!

Another World Championship is over with a new one about to begin

So, it is Peter Wright who is the new PDC Champion of the World and come Saturday the BDO World Championship will commence at its new home The 02.

It has been an amazing few weeks with a very high standard of play and plenty of twists and turns along the way! The most newsworthy of course was the rise of Fallon Sherrock to media star after beating two male players on stage at the palace.

In fact, Fallon’s star has risen so much “she” decided or was advised that she no longer needed to compete in the forthcoming BDO Ladies World Championships and cited the last minute halving of the prize pot as the reason for doing that.


Do you buy that? I don’t! Fallon has just earned 25k, she has some more guaranteed pay cheques with the World Series exhibitions booked as well as a Premier League appearance in the bag. So, does the drop in prize money really matter to her? It is her prerogative of course and some of her fellow players are putting a brave face on and saying it is up to her to make the decision. I think deep down though they are disappointed.

It is another kick in the teeth for the BDO who have taken a savage beating ever since the new management took over. Players do need to look deeper than the current regime running the BDO – they aren’t going to be around for ever but if players and fans stand aside and let the BDO die in the very near future then that will be a disaster for darts.


You only need to take a look at the old Lakeside wall of fame. Peter Wright and MVG both honed their skills at the BDO. Fallon got to where she is today via the support the BDO has shown Ladies darts over decades not over a one world championship jamboree.

These are the players at the top of the pyramid of course and underneath them are thousands and thousands of men, ladies, boys and girls all playing to different levels, with different ambitions but all being nurtured via the BDO system.

You must be insane to want to will the end of all the good things the BDO stands for.


Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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