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The 02 looks an inspired choice for the 2020 BDO World Championships

BDO World Pro - Day 1

Posted: 05.01.20 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

The 02 looks an inspired choice for the 2020 BDO World Championships

A new venue,  a new beginning but some things never change.

The 02 looks like being an inspired choice as the new “Home Of World Darts”. The modern environment with a fantastic transport infrastructure, loads of reasonably priced hotels within walking distance seems to make it the perfect choice.


You will of course still get the moaners. Yes Lakeside was an iconic venue, simply because of the years it was used and all the amazing memories held there. But in reality, it was crumbling. The rooms were dated, the internet connection was awful, the food very average. One year there was a “banger ban”. Yep we were told we were only allowed one sausage for breakfast.


I admit yesterday wasn’t perfect. There were a few technical issues. Remember it was only a few years ago that the TV companies didn’t show the first game at Lakeside in order to ensure that all their kit was working properly. But that will get sorted.

The walk on looks a bit hectic but it is very BDO. By that I mean you haven’t got the over protective PDC style of two minders escorting a player on to the stage. At the 02 the first challenge is for the player to get the stage without being kissed and patted to death. If you make that the game itself will be a doddle.


There were some cracking games too. Super Mario defied first on nerves and produced a really excellent opening display. A methodical Justin Thompson made light work of Scott Williams. It was disappointment for Vicky Pruim who started off well against the erratic style of Corrine Hammond but went out 2:0. Chris Landman also somehow managed to land the KO punch to progress in the last game of the day.

Afternoon Session
(11) Mario Vandenbogaerde (BEL) 3 vs 0 Sebastian Steyer (POL)  
Justin Thompson (AUS) 3 vs 0 Scott Williams (ENG) 
Vicky Pruim (SWE) 0 vs 2 Corrine Hammond (AUS)  
(4) Dave Parletti (ENG) 2 vs 3 Chris Landman (NTH)  

Evening Session
Darren Herewini (NZ) 3 vs 1 Simon Stainton (ENG)  
(6) Beau Greaves (ENG) 2 vs 0 Tori Kewish (AUS) 
Thibault Tricole (FRA) 3 vs 2 Ross Montgomery (SCO)  
(2) Jim Williams (WAL) 3 vs 2 Gary Stone (SCO)

I was looking forward to watching Darren Herewini having seen him at the WDF World Cup. He displayed all the skill he showed in Romania and is a great outside bet for the title.

The history maker, Beau Greaves at just 15 won her game V Tori Kewish. Then Frenchman Tricole sent Ross Montgomery home with a stunning 3:2 win and Jim Williams, the tournament favourite, overcame Gary Stone in another 5 set thriller.


All in all, a cracking day. There were of course the PDC fan boys who can’t quite work out that there will inevitably be a difference in quality between the Pro’s of the PDC and the, in general, part time players of the BDO. But overall the action was as enjoyable as anything the PDC threw at us. You may be surprised to know that over 30 PDC players competing in their championships finished with an average of under 90!

Day 2 action is here:

Sunday January 5​

Afternoon session (from 13:00) 

Wayne Warren v Thompson / Williams (R2)​

Joe Chaney v Ben Hazel (R1)​

Aileen de Graaf v Kirsty Hutchinson (R1 women)​

Willem Mandigers v Michael Unterbuchner (R2) 

Evening session (from 7 p.m.) 

Andreas Harrysson v John O’Shea (R1)​

Deta Hedman v Laura Turner (R1 women)​

Paul Hogan v Brian Raman (R1)​

Martijn Kleermaker v Gino Vos (R2) 


Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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