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A streak through the darting action last night...

BDO Lakeside World Championships - Darts Blog 16

Posted: 08.01.11 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

A streak through the darting action last night...

Congratulations to Dean Winstanley and Jan Dekker for getting through last night. Arguably both Dekker and his opponent Gary Thompson were well below the standard of what you would normally expect of a quarter final at the BDO World Finals. However, that stage, those lights and the cameras can do strange things to players. Anyway let`s not hint at any negativity, Jan comes across as an enthusiastic and smashing lad, a kid any parent would be proud of.

Mr Dekker Senior was so proud in fact he leapt onto the stage to give him  a hug and congratulate him. Two things here, one serious and one puerile, the perfect combination for a Saturday. The first is the influence parents can have on the development of any young person attempting to excel in any area of life. A parent can be a `role model` for their children - a role model is somebody worthy of imitation so of course it is not just confined to parents but let`s stay with a parent's role.


Another aspect of being a good `role model` as a parent is taking the role another step forward and acting as a mentor to your child. This involves sharing knowledge and putting in place the necessary steps for the child to progress in their career (move through the youth ranks) and increase future opportunities (taking them to darts coaching and tournaments). Another spin off from the effect the role as a positive `role model` and `mentor` can have on a child is that is has been proven to increase mental toughness in a young sports competitor. Mental toughness is highly regarded by top athletes in all sports as a vital ingredient to achieve success.


So if Mr Dekker Senior has acted in the role as mentor and role model to Jan then the least he deserves is a hug on stage with his little boy.


Ok the puerile... An interloper on stage, this usually means a streaker. I have thoroughly researched this topic (well I went to YouTube) and there has of course been a streaker at the Lakeside, here is the link (Over 18`s only please). Listen out for a classic bit of commentary under-statement right at the start of the clip and some good jokes from Martin Fitzmaurice. Whilst carrying out this research I also noticed that there was an interloper onto the PDC stage as Wayne Mardle was carrying out his palm tree hurling walk-on. A Hawaii 501 look-alike appeared on stage a few seconds before the real thing, before being swiftly dispatched out of the auditorium in a matter of moments. A bit like the real 501 that season I seem to remember...

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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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