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The 2012 World Cup

Posted: 01.02.12 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

It's back, the pairs tournament sponsored by Cash Converters!


The 2012 World Cup starts on Friday in Hamburg Germany. The last event was held in December 2010 and although spectator wise it wasn't a huge hit initially it was an interesting and entertaining tournament.

Cash Converters are back again as sponsors. According to their Chief Executive, Cash Converters have sponsored the tournament again because, "the grassroots popularity of darts is perfect for our brand". What does he mean? Is he trying to say darts fans are the most likely group of people to need "cash in a flash" or a second-hand TV? I reckon he is! Fair enough, it just seemed an odd thing to highlight!

Just before the last tournament we emphasised the need for team spirit. We suggested a pair displaying a certain harmony and team bonding could well truimph. Team England did our prediction proud when Taylor and Wade ignored each other during their practice time and then crashed out of the tournament to Team Spain! 

Team Spain! The same pair are back again

England have been made odds on favourites to take the title this year. Do they deserve their top ranking? Taylor and Lewis on paper look a great team, but will they live up to their number one status when they get on the oche? The Power will be looking to show he is back to his best after a few blips of late. Lewis is of course World Champion but he is not a stranger to sudden erratic dips in form.

Team spirit wise they seem to get along. They were of course practice partners for a while and Jackpot is always keen to show his respect for Taylor. The Power, as far as I can fathom, is genuinely pleased for Lewis's success, maybe as he can arguably claim some of the credit for it, so it will be fascinating to observe the body language of these two great players.

However, as last year demonstrated, the power of the team saw "surprises" throughout each round. Team Wales made it to the final, defeating Team Australia in the semi final who once again have Whitlock and Nicholson representing them. Wales will be stronger this year with "The Prince of Wales" replacing an "out of sorts" Barrie Bates. 

Team Spain were a perfect example of team bonding and went out in the semi final to the eventual winners Holland. Again Barney and Co were a cohesive unit although Van de Voort has come in to partner Barney so watch out for how that relationship develops.

Hashimoto is back for Japan (der der der der, Hashimoto-remember that?) as well as players representing Malaysia, the Phillipines and Croatia amongst others. A fascinating global line up for the World Cup!

We will repeat what we said last time on what we will be focusing on:

So let’s look out for the team that talks to each other, encourages, `complements `each other in technique as well as  personality, displays positive body language and remembers the golden rule of all successful teams. You win together and you lose together but whatever the outcome you display great pride in your team.




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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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