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Brian is a member of the Darts Performance Centre and practices in a chilly garage!

Product Review - Hand Warmers

Posted: 01.02.12 in Darts Product Reviews category

Brian is a member of the Darts Performance Centre and practices in a chilly garage!


Darts Performance Centre-Product review

I received 2 hand warmers on Thursday compliments of The Darts Performance Centre to try out. I have never used them before so had no previous experience of this type of accessory.

I used the first one on Friday morning in my shed where I practise. It wasn’t overly cold, but just cold enough to need something to heat the fingers a bit. I only fired up the warmer when I started so it took a few minutes for it to get warm.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised as I was able to throw my darts, come back, put the hand into the pocket for a few seconds, feel the warmth and keep my fingers from going numb.

A much bigger challenge lay ahead though for the second hand warmer. The pub that I play darts in is like an ice-box if the fire is not lit. When I went down on Friday night I was the first one there and at the time the fire was still unlit, so the perfect opportunity to test it out.

This time I had fired it up about a ½ hour before going out so it was nice and warm before I started throwing. I must say that even though the venue was cold for the first hour or so, my hands and fingers were still warm. No problems with lack of feeling in the fingers which is a nightmare when trying to throw. Usually under those circumstances the fingers would be numb after the first hour and then it could take another hour for the feeling to come back when the place would warm up.

In conclusion I’d highly recommend the hand warmers as a must have darting accessory for anyone that has ever played in a cold venue. Indeed I could think of several other uses for them as well. (won’t go into that here though!).

The handwarmers are 99p for a pack of 2. You only need one per game. Discounts are available the more you purchase!



Author: Brian

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