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Harrows Stems

The great selection of Harrows stems we keep in our shop! 

Supergrip Stems From Harrows

Supergrip Stems

A set of 3 supergrip stems in various colours and sizes.

From: £0.99

Carbon Plus

Carbon Plus

Ultra light but ultra strong graphite shaft.

From: £3.20

Colette Shafts By Harrows

Collette Shafts

Colette Adjustable Harrows flight grip stems.

From: £2.50

Teknalite Stems By Harrows


A set of Harrows Teknalite stems.

From: £1.75

Aztec Darts Shafts By Harrows

Aztec Shafts

A set of Aztec aluminium darts shafts by Harrows.

From: £1.50

Gyro Harrows Stems

Gyro Stems

A set of Gyro stems from Harrows!

From: £1.60

Revolver Harrows Shafts

Revolver Shafts

A set of Revolver aluminium Harrows dart shafts.

From: £1.70

SuperGrip Fusion Stems From Harrows

Fusion Stems

A set of colour co-ordinated SuperGrip Fusion stems

From: £1.30

Speedline Shafts By Harrows

Speedline Shafts

Set of 3. Exceptional flight grip and impact strength.

From: £1.20

Dimplex Stems

Dimplex Stems

A set of 3 dimplex stems that utilise golf ball technology.

From: £1.25

Heavy Metal Midi Harrows Stems

Heavy Metal

41.5mm intermediate length 4 gram (usually 1.6g) stems