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Winmau Darts

Here is our selection of Winmau darts. Winmau players darts can be found in the PDC or BDO section.

BDO Darts

BDO Darts

A set of British Darts Organisation approved darts.

From: £23.49

Brendan Dolan Winmau Signature Darts

Bredan Dolan

The History Maker,Brendan Dolan's signature darts!

From: £31.95

Christian Kist

Christian Kist

A set of 85% tungsten Christian Kist darts.

From: £26.95

Leighton Rees Darts

Leighton Rees

A set of signature Leighton Rees darts in 27g and 31g

From: £26.95

Mervyn King Darts

Mervyn King

A set of 90% tungsten Mervyn King dartsin silver or Black

From: £26.95

Stratos Darts From Winamu

Stratos Darts

The new Dual Core Stratos darts from Winmau!

From: £52.95

Wild Roses Darts

Wild Roses Darts

Stunning 90% tungsten steel tip darts

From: £25.95

Vanquish Darts

Vanquish Darts

A set of the new Vanquish darts from Winmau.

From: £42.95

Ted Hankey

Ted Hankey

A set of 90% Tungsten Ted Hankey darts.

From: £26.95

Paul Nicholson Winmau Darts

Paul Nicholson

A set of Paul Nicholson darts from Winamu!

From: £24.95

Scott Mitchell Winmau Signature Darts

Scott Mitchell

A set of the new Scott Mitchell signature darts

From: £31.95

Scott Waites 2016 Signature Darts

Scott Waites 2016

A set of the latest Scott Waites signature darts.

From: £26.95

Simon Whitlock Latest 2016 Edition

Whitlock Scallop

A set of the latest Simon Whitlock Signature darts.

From: £29.99

Dennis Priestley Darts

Dennis Prestley

A set of Dennis "The Menace" Priestley Darts

From: £26.95

Kevin Painter 2016 Winmau Darts

Kevin Painter

A set of the latest Kevin Painter darts from Winamu

From: £26.95

Simon Whitlock Rainbow Darts

Wizard Rainbow

A set of Simon Whitlock Rainbow darts from Winmau!

From: £34.99

Steve Beaton 2018 Winmau Launch Darts

Beaton 2018

A set of the latest Steve Beaton darts from Winmau 2018

From: £38.99

Aspria Dual Tungsten Winmau Darts


A set of Winmau Aspria darts, in bomb shape or straight barrels.

From: £64.99

Blackout Darts From Winmau


A set of Blackout darts in bomb shape or straight barrel!

From: £28.99

Pulsar Darts From Winmau


Pulsar darts with different grip styles from Winmau!

From: £37.99

Paul Nicholson Hex Grip Darts

Hex Grip

The Hex Grip signature darts of Paul Nicholson.

From: £38.99

Vendetta Darts

Vendetta Darts

Heavy Weight Darts with plenty of grip!

From: £24.99

Jeff Smith The Silencer Winmau Signature Darts

Jeff Smith

A set of the latest signature darts of Jeff "The Silencer" Smith

From: £31.95

Daryl Gurney Signature Darts

Daryl Gurney

A set of Daryl Gurney signature darts in 23g and 25g!

From: £33.99

Zagato Darts From Winamu

Zagato Darts

A set of Winmau Zagato darts in various weights

From: £52.95