Target Flight Punch


This seriously precise piece of machinery allows you to single hole punch all of your flights for increased flight stability – that also looks great!!

How it works:
The punch has a flight slot that aligns any flight in place for you to punch a precision slot.
The slot allows the rings to actually grip the shafts tighter than when pushed down the shaft by the flight, giving you the most solid dart flight set up for precision scoring.

Quality Features:
1- Finish is light metal plate white powder finish
2- Clear cutting hardened steel die made with extreme accuracy.
3- Easy action spring.
4- Replacement rubber cap for spring action
5- Hard steel pivot pin.
6- Punch 6m x 2mm for perfect Nylon Ring fit

Directions for use:
1- Place ONLY ONE flight into the slot - do not do more than ONE
2- Punch the hole out of your flight
3- Insert the ring into the hole in
 the flight

4- Slide the flight and ring onto the shaft together 


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