Slydart Precision Sharpener

This Patented electronic battery powered sharpener is truly the latest innovation in dart sharpening, and really gets your darts sharp.
Developed to fit the needs of both competition players and amateurs alike, this easily operated product allows for consistent and superb results.

The original patented dart sharpener will give you the ability to have sharp darts in seconds and make sure your darts are as accurate as possible.

A must for the darter who thought they had everything.

Serious dart players know that sharp darts enhance their games and scores.

Slydart™ incorporates many features not found in other dart sharpening devices.

Most important is its self-contained power source making it usable anywhere.

It is small and portable, sized to fit into a pocket or dart case.


Product Information

This handy sharpener is easy to operate:

Press the button to start the Slydart™ and then just insert your dart tip in either hole on top of the Slydart™.

Just a little pressure and a few seconds are needed to sharpen in order to de-bur the dart tip.

You can choose from two different degrees of angle:

Left angle - 15 degrees.

Right angle - 25 degrees.

Slydart™ measures 5.25" X 1/2" and requires two E90 batteries which are included.

Proper maintenance of your dart with the Slydart™ dart sharpener will help make "your best game every game".