Snooker Practice Board


Do you sometimes need a little bit of motivation to get on the board and practice? Yes! Well that happens to everyone and it is one of the reasons we really like the Snooker Practice Board. It gives you the chance to play on a different board and this may just give you the push you need to play when you don't fancy the same old practice games.

You are also still practising all the vital skills you need to play better darts on the Snooker Board. It is not a "novelty" board! You can improve your accuracy by having to manoeuvre around the board, landing the dart on one of the red "balls" and then onto one of the coloured "balls", just like in snooker.

The Snooker Board can also help with your muscle memory. The building up of muscle memory is vital to succeed in darts especially when you are under pressure and need a vital double! The "balls" are placed in the exact location of some of the key numbers on the board. The black ball is in the double top position and the pink is the bulls-eye for example.

The Snooker Board is a fantastic example of making darts training fun with the added benefit of practising numerous vital darts skills that will make you a better player ! 

The board is full tournament size and finished to a very high standard.There are full instructions in the box on how to play Snooker Darts, a hanging mount and some mini darts to assist in scoring the game.

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