Ultralites V2

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A fantastic selection of Light Weight darts!

Complete Set with Stems, Flights, Point Protector

18g M1 - Length 44.0mm, Width 6.3mm

14g M2 - Length 40.8mm, Width 4.45mm
16g M2 - Length 43.0mm, Width 6.4mm
15g M3 - Length 41.0mm, Width 6.35mm
17g M3 - Length 43.1mm, Width 6.4mm
12g M4 - Length 37.5mm, Width 6.5mm
14g M4 - Length 37.2mm, Width 6.4mm
12g M5 - Length 38.0mm, Width 6.0mm
14g M5 - Length 38.1mm, Width 6.0mm
80% Tungsten


Plain Nylon Stems

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