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You have all seen the darts accessories cards in your local and we

Pub Cards

Posted: 27.09.18 in DPC Darts Shop category

You have all seen the darts accessories cards in your local and we've started producing our own version!

The pub darts card with spare flights and stems on has always been located behind the bar of any club or pub that has dartboards for as long as we can all remember. The one thing I noticed with a lot of them though is the quality was not always great.

Some of the big darts brands started producing their own cards which upped the quality of what was on offer but there were still plenty of the poor-quality cards out there offering cheap but not that cheerful darts accessories. We have also recently started producing our own cards, fitted with shop quality products and equipped with not just flights and stems.

Why do we, Darts Performance Centre, want to add pub cards to our range of products when we are renowned for producing high quality darts and training aids? Simply because of our connection to grass roots dart players and our desire to ensure that they receive the best quality items whether they are shopping online or have been caught short with no flights in their local just before an important league game.

We produce three flights and stems cards. We have an all flights card which features 60 flights, mainly poly flights with a selection of plain and patterned designs. We mainly put standard flights on but there are always a few pears and kites to keep everyone happy.

We also do a stems card which has 60 different stems on. We have 4 sizes from extra short to medium in nylon stems in a variety of colours. Each card has some aluminium stems on too,

Our third choice is a card with 30 flights and 30 stems which features a mixture of the selection on the flights only and stems only cards!

The 4th option we have is for all those proper darts pubs out there that know that the players don’t just want flights and stems. Our new premium pub card includes 25 sets of extra strong and dimplex flights, 25 sets of plain, ringed and aluminium stems and 10 accessories including sharpeners, rings, finger wax and flight protectors.

So, we have all the options covered. The flight cards are dispatched in a sealed bag so you won’t have any missing when they arrive. You can order your cards from the DPC darts shop here.

The listing for the three flight and stem options is here and the listing for the premium pub card is here. 


Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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