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We have decided to close our shop but we will still be online and mobile!

Our High Street Darts Shop

Posted: 05.02.19 in DPC Darts Shop category

We have decided to close our shop but we will still be online and mobile!

After much umming and ahhing we have decided to close the retail shop we run in Station Road in New Milton.

The darts shop has been a fantastic add on to our business; it has been brilliant to meet so many dart players from far and wide and be told about the genuine appreciation they have for there being a darts shop available for them to shop in.

However, the internet is king and although we have built up a thriving High Street shop, we have hit a wall from a financial point of view. Our takings have remained static for the past couple of years and it has become increasingly harder to juggle all the other aspects of our business.


So, we have decided to close the High Street shop but fear not we are not gone forever! We will still be running our mobile shop at various events. We will remain in residence at Station Road so you can order online from us as well as phoning any orders through.

We will be focusing our time on building up our online business as well as the Performance Darts brand that has got off to a flying start but needs time dedicated to it to keep that amazing start going.

We will be closing our doors at the end of February – 5pm on Thursday 28th to be precise. We will be operating our usual hours until then – 10-5 in the week, but closed on a Wednesday and 10-2 on a Saturday unless we advertise otherwise.

We do hope you can make one last visit before we “shut shop” and thank you to everyone that has shopped with the DPC Darts Shop in New Milton!


Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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