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Today a new darts brand was launched - Here are what we have in the DPC Darts Shop

Mission Darts Launch

Posted: 01.07.19 in DPC Darts Shop category

Today a new darts brand was launched - Here are what we have in the DPC Darts Shop

Mission Darts

Today, 1 July 2019 a new name entered the darts wholesale market. Mission Darts was launched from its base in Bolton to take up the challenge of competing with the big four; Unicorn, Winmau, Target and Harrows.

It is a daunting prospect trying to break into not only an arguably saturated market place but also to take on the well-established brands already mentioned. However, if anyone can pull it off it is Mission Darts.

We have been giving a preview of all the products launched today and they are all excellent. Most importantly there are new products; that is the key, to come up with something new. The website and packaging is all very professional and the pricing is spot on for the retailers and most importantly the customer.

We will be carrying a number of the new products from Mission Darts, just follow the links for more info, including:

Mission Darts – We will be stocking the Mission Kronos darts. These come in 3 styles and 3 weights and are in an eye catching blue titanium. We also have the Rebus darts. Again in 3 styles and 3 weights and the intricate milling on these darts offer a nice grip as well as a great looking set of darts.

We also have the Ardent brass darts. It is great to see an inexpensive brass set that looks as good as these do.


We have the thick 150 micron Mission Logo 150 flights. The Astral 100 micron flights look fantastic and will be very popular. We also have the Mission Flint X Flights in stock too.


The Mission GripLock stems with a decent ring on them are Mission’s take on a good quality reliable stem and they are available in some great colours as well.


The Freedom XL and Solo cases are a great product too. Yes there are similar types available but these are at a very competitive price.


This is where we think Mission Darts have really excelled. There are some great new products available under this banner. Where to start…

Their repointing machine is sturdy and well made and with its own case is a nice extra. Hand warmers, something the DPC have advocated for years. These ones are reusable too. There are flight punches too. Yes, we know other types are available but not in these great colour schemes.

We love this one – The Mission Restore darts cleaning set. What player is going to resist doing a bit of spring cleaning on their grimy darts set? There are two types of sharpeners to make sure your points are in perfect nick and also some scales to ensure your darts are the correct weight.

Some other classic bits of kit have also been upgraded, a broken stem remover and O ring applicator.

Last but not least Mission have also brought out a heavy-duty whiteboard scoreboard and a eraser and whiteboard pen kit to keep track of your games.

Overall, we think there are some brilliant products here. You can order them now from the DPC Darts shop.

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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