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Anthony gives his tips for this weeks darting action from Cardiff.

PDC Premier League - Cardiff

Posted: 29.03.11 in Anthony Urmston-Toft Blog category

Anthony gives his tips for this weeks darting action from Cardiff.

The Premier League Bandwagon pulls up in Wales this week, more accurately Cardiff home to the Stereophonics. We will “have a nice day” (well night) with the matches in store here:


First up its Gary Anderson and James Wade

The high flying Scotsman has been faltering somewhat in the past 3 weeks, I cant see this continuing much more, credit to James though he has been playing better ever since I gave him no chance (may have just been the motivation he’s needed) this looks like it could be the more tense affair of the night. Gary snatches it 8-6

180’s 5

Highest checkout 150

Simon Whitlock vs Terry Jenkins

Whooa Whooa Whooa it’s Magic. Simon is looking to be back with glint in his eye, the checkouts are coming back and his scoring, Dangerous times for the rest, maybe. Terry is the steady eddy of the P.L. few glimpses of magic but only in short bursts, but his B game is a good one. Scrappy this one me thinks, 8-5 to “The wizard”.

180’s 6

Highest Checkout 160

Phil Taylor vs Raymond van Barneveld

This is the Marquee event of the evening. Phil recently won the RTL7 masters with some unbelievable darts, 117 averages galore. Unless Barney can muster everything he has then he’ll still need more than an army to combat Taylor`s use of darting guerrilla warfare: The Power has worn Barney down over the last few years and he will do it again in Cardiff, 8-3 in my estimation. (9-dart potential)

 180’s many 9

 Highest checkout 141 ;-)


Adrian Lewis vs Mark Webster 

Current World Champ vs Former World Champ

Poor Adrian, he was against Taylor over in Holland and he had a 110 average and got beaten 8-4. Apart from pinching Phil’s darts on the stage there is no way you can beat Taylor at this moment. Webster is in a rut of sorts since the 110-ave game he has not delivered more of it. I think the term is “Pull you finger out” if he wants to make the semi’s then things need to be sorted and in front of his “home” crowd would be a great start. It will be close but 8-5 to Lewis and a disappointed Webbo and Cardiff!


Highest checkout 120

This Weeks Tips

Double Top – Anderson and Taylor

 Double 1 –Taylor/Barney Match to have the most 180`s 11/4 Boyle Sports 



Author: Anthony Urmston-Toft ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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