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Here is the practice game we promised to the readers of our Darts World article!

Darts World Practice Game

Posted: 01.03.12 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

Here is the practice game we promised to the readers of our Darts World article!


Darts World has been the World's leading darts magazine since it started 38 years ago! The Darts Performance Centre contribute a coaching article to the magazine each month and we have added this area on our website for all the extras that we haven't got room for in our articles!

The March issue is out now and in it we discuss how players of all standards could benefit from going "back to basics" when it comes to their technique. We suggest it is very easy to let bad habits creep into your game!

We also discuss the dreaded "P" word, practice! In the article we promised our readers a practice game that we like. It is a game that helps hone one of the vital skills you need to win a darts match, power scoring!

The game was "given" to me by our friend and colleague at Darts World, PDC player Andy Relf aka "Metalhead". Andy also writes an article each month charting the "real life" side of being on the PDC tour.

Andy has played this practice game with some of the best from the PDC-Justin Pipe, Gary Anderson and Adrian Gray. These three will also confirm Andy has often beaten them too!

The Metalhead Power Scoring Game      

 General Like all good practice games the rules can be adapted to suit the standard of each player taking part, we will explain more about that later. You need a dart board and a score board


Any number of players can play but probably a maximum of four keeps the game flowing. 

Set Up

Write each player's name, side by side on the score board



In turn each player throws their three darts. This is Metalhead's scoring system when he plays against the PDC players.:

A score of 100 plus   - 1 point

A score of 140 plus   - 2 points

A score of 180          - 3 points


First player to hit 25 points

Adapt the Game

If you  practise with a player who is still mastering the game, change the scoring system. For example the novice player could get 1 point for a score of 40 plus, 2 for 60 plus and 3 for a 100 for example. This way the better player is put under pressure which makes the game not just more competitive and fun but it is far more valuable practice, for both players!


The game opens your eyes to exactly how many darts you throw straight and how many drift! You can practice your grouping and pre-shot routine. If you are playing as a group of 4 imagine it is a pairs match and practise keeping your focus and concentration as you wait your turn.

If you treat your practice time seriously you will reap the rewards! 



Darts World is available in most newsagents or you can order a copy from your newsagent. You can also subscribe to the magazine here!

The Darts Performance Centre is a resource to assist dart players of all standards play better darts. We are also committed to researching all aspects of darts to provide players with information and solutions that most other sports take for granted. Please support us by joining today.Membership is £25.00 per annum. 

We also offer group coaching days  and we will shortly be arriving at a darts centre near you for one on one video analysis sessions - please register for free to join our mailing list to find out when and where we will be.




Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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