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We take a look at the latest tournament standard DartMate from Unicorn

Unicorn DartMate Pro

Posted: 24.02.13 in Darts Product Reviews category

We take a look at the latest tournament standard DartMate from Unicorn



Unicorn have brought out a modified version of the popular but arguably tricky to construct and slightly wobbly original DartMate. They claim the new Pro DartMate is tournament standard. We are running a tournament shortly The New Forest Masters and are looking for options board stand wise. We thought we would buy one to see if it was “fit for purpose” for a tournament and whether it could be an addition to the Darts Performance Centre shop.

Chris Skinner , the New Forest Masters tournament director and former chairman of the Unicorn Petersfield Youth Academy “assisted me (he did it all ) and this is our review.

What You Get

1 x black bag (24kg with all the bits in it)

1 x Pro DartMate stand

1 X Eclipse Pro Dartboard and Magnetic Holder

1 X Backboard with magnetic dartboard holder

1 X Dry wipe pen

1 X Eraser

1 X Oche mate

Various wing nuts, bolts and instructions


The Construction

Start the stop watch!

The base section is already made up. It has adjustable feet which is a great idea. There is also two clamps (on either side)for a dartmat or portable oche to slide in to. The middle and top frame sections (already constructed) slide in to each other and the middle section joins up with the base section. So far so good!

The front and back legs and cross brace (again already constructed and ready to fix) then go in to place.

The backboard which has the magnetic board holder already fixed in place is then added. The back board has a left and right wipe dry score board.


The fixing of the dart board delayed Chris slightly and this is his explanation of how to do it. There are written instruction provided too!

To line the dartboard up - Place the dartboard and bracket (with the central screw only) on to the mounting bracket on the back board. Once the magnets line up turn the board so that the 20 segment is upright (use a board level for perfection!!!!). Once the board is upright carefully lift the board of the back board and turn over. Screw the 3 screws into the mounting bracket on the back of the board to secure.

The Verdict

21 minutes from start to finish, just getting our heads around the magnetic dartboard delayed us but next time we do it a personal best of 10-12 minutes is achievable.

Is it tournament standard? Yes, I reckon it is! It is very solid, hardly any movement when the dart hits and it looks very smart. It would also be a great addition to players that can have a permanent set up but is does come at a price - £239.99!

When you look at the tubes of metal you get it may seem a lot. But having constructed our own dart frame we know the surprisingly high cost of the raw materials.

Overall, it is a great piece of kit but I can’t say with total conviction it is worth every penny but the best of its type on the market by far! You can order here!

The Alternatives?

There is the Bulls portable stand at £95.00 or the portable dartboard (including board) at £64.95.

Here is our video of the construction process!



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Author: Paul Gillings & Chris Skinner ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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