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Aidan is making progress in his quest to become a Pro. He is moving up a level in competition and has a sponsor!

Time For Talking Is Over

Posted: 29.09.13 in Throw Like A Pro Blog category

Aidan is making progress in his quest to become a Pro. He is moving up a level in competition and has a sponsor!

As you all know by now, I like to talk darts. I love to write darts. Soon, that will all need to stop, or certainly take a back seat.

It's time to throw darts. The season is upon us. And I don't just mean the club season. As intense as playing with two teams is, this year I am taking my game to the next level. And in Ireland, it's the ultimate level. 

Setting out to become a professional thrower has brought certain... Challenges with it. I just thought it would be a matter of practising my natural throw with the first set of darts I picked up until a point where I am better than everyone else!!

The biggest thing I have learned from the Darts Performance Centre, is that whilst practice is crucial, it's no good practising the wrong thing, or a bad habit.So I constantly strive to find the mechanically perfect throw. One that guarantees success. Of course, in just under two years, I haven't found that just yet. But I do have what I feel is a throw that works for me. And I am starting to see the fruits of my dedication in time for the big tournaments.

I have also continuously changed darts. In 2 years, I have thrown a set of: 10, 12, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22,  23 and 25g darts. Crazy!!! But I think it's ok to experiment every so often. How will we know if it suits or not otherwise?

First stop was the first round of the Ladbrokes Irish Players Championships in September quickly followed by the Tom Kirby Irish Matchplay. More of how I got on there later!

In bigger news. I have my first sponsor. I am delighted to announce that I have signed a deal with the Darts Flight Centre, a new company run by Chris Skinner, a darts expert on all things Flights, Stems and accessories.

There are some brilliant deals on their website, I would encourage all throwers from around the world to have a look. My order was dealt with and dispatched so quickly and was perfect.

Do support this new, exciting business. The Darts Flight Centre is the 1 stop shop for all barrel back accessories. 


Meet Aidan

Aidan has been a fan of darts since a young age, although he didn't pick up his first set if arrows until he was 23. In that time, Aidan has been dedicated to finding out what it takes to become a professional. He plays with two club teams in his County in Ireland.

Aidan documents his ups and downs of improving his game, and explores some of the unknown, yet crucial elements of darts such as nerves, confidence and much much more.


Aidan teamed up with the Darts Performance Centre ahead of his battle with Raymond van Barneveld 12 months ago, a relationship which he admits has "helped me to focus on certain areas that needed improvement, and the support from Paul and Andy guarantees will make you a better dart player".

Aidan throws a 23g DPC Elite Performance dart. He loves to tell people that he has now lost count of the amount of 180s he has thrown. His highest checkout in a competitive leg is 130, and the closest he has come to a perfect leg was two maximums before crippling under pressure to finish out with a 15 dart leg.


His plan is simple: to be a Pro! Follow his journey right here!

Aidan welcomes any feedback, advice or questions. You can find him on twitter:

@A_Farrelly or email: throwlikeaprodarts@gmail.com

Author: Aidan Farrelly ( throwlikeaprodarts@gmail.com )

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