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We have tried out a new technique to show off our fantastic darts!

Performance Darts!

Posted: 26.09.16 in Darts Product Reviews category

We have tried out a new technique to show off our fantastic darts!

Our Performance Darts have been available for around 4 years now! But I still feel a twang of pride whenever we sell a set! Why? Well look at what is available.

There are hundreds and hundreds of sets on the market, mostly from the “big names” in darts, Unicorn, Target, Harrows and Winmau as well as other manufacturers. It’s tough trying to stand out from that crowd.

We have found plenty of players that are willing to give the Performance Darts a go and then tend to stay with us. We have had amazing feedback over the years; the fantastic grip, the ability to group them very tightly and their accuracy and precision thanks to the fact they fly straight!

We also try to find ways of making them better – We take player feedback very seriously and also get players (just like you) to design their perfect set of darts which in turn appeal to other grassroots players!

We also like to find new ways of bringing our darts to your attention! Take a look at the video – the only “spin” you will get with Performance Darts!

You can also get up close to the Gun Metal darts by following this link http://dartsperformancecentre.com/360/ and you can buy a set from the Darts Performance Centre shop!


Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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