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Team Brazil had an eventful first day at The World Cup!

Team Brazil World Cup Day 1

Posted: 02.06.17 in Team Brazil category

Team Brazil had an eventful first day at The World Cup!

It was a quiet start to the World Cup for Team Brazil. After a bit of morning practice we went for some lunch in the shopping centre across the road from the PDC Hotel. We then had an appointment with Sky Sports to shoot a promotional video that is going to be shown before our game!

Guy and his cameraman explained they were looking to do a darts/football/Brazil style video! They shot some video in the hotel room and in the car park of the hotel to start with. We then all jumped into their 7 seater and headed to central Frankfurt.

In Frankfurt they shot loads of clips of Diogo and Alexandre showing off their football skills. We met a family from Brazil and a scooter rider from Spain. They all joined in the fun! We were treated to a short "beer break", well,  it was very hot and in fact it is all part of the video :)

Our last stop was at the arena where the World Cup is being played. We headed off to the park over the road where Team Brazil played a bit more "footy" and then had to do a vigorous run through the park! The final shots were taken going up the stairs to the arena!

We were very happy to do our bit for Sky and the PDC and Guy the director was really pleased how it went, so look out for the video later!

Then it was down to the serious business of trying to win a darts match. We looked at last night as a key part of our preparation. We wanted to see the stage, find out where the players' area was and all the little "bits and bobs" that make life easier when you know where everything is.

We also wanted Alexandre to see the walk on. He has been doing a lot of work getting prepared for the big stage and this was the final piece of the jigsaw!

We watched a couple of games and Alexandre and me went back to the hotel for some outshot practice and some dinner. Diogo and his father Mario stayed to watch the downfall of Scotland!

So it was a truly memorable day! Today is matchday v Team Switzerland - let's hope today will be memorable too!


Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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