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We had a great day and night at the Unicorn 2018 Darts launch!

Unicorn Launch

Posted: 20.06.17 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

We had a great day and night at the Unicorn 2018 Darts launch!

It was our 2nd invite to the Unicorn Launch, a red letter day in the darts calendar! Our darts shop is a crucial part of the income we need to keep going and pursue our reason for being-helping dart players improve!

With this in mind we are always keen to see what the big darts manufacturers have in store for us, especially in the areas of improvement and practice. We certainly weren’t disappointed! This gathering is also very special as it gives us the chance to meet other darts retailers. There is of course rivalry as there is in any area of business but we have found the opposite in most cases.

We have made some good friendships and acquaintances with the “big boys” in the darts retail world and it is always a pleasure to meet, share experiences of what is happening in the trade with the benefit of it being in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere!

The 80th Anniversary Catalogue

So the highlights of “the show” for us were:

The Dart Stands

The Pro DartMate is a million miles away from the original dartmate! It is a lovely set up. The oche is solid (I gave it a good kick) and would make a fantastic home set up. It will be available around the end of August.

The X Dartboard stand is an interesting concept. The stand rests against a wall and the board itself is on a hinge that allows the board to rest flush against the wall. Available at the end of August. Finally the floor to ceiling dartmate is another great idea.

It will allow players to set up boards where they may have struggled to do so before. It also gives the home player the chance to adjust the height of the oche. This will also be available around the end of August.

Boards and lights and kit!

The HD2 has a big brother – the HD2 Pro! This new board features metal high visibility numbers and a levelling system. This will be out at the end of July. You know we can’t resist a light surround and the new Unicorn one is going to prove hard to resist for dart players is my prediction! The light is excellent, it looks really nice and will be in the same ball park as similar models already on the market. Unicorn are on to a winner with this. The Solar Flare will be out at the end of September and we anticipate a price of around £70.00.

The last item in this section is the Boardmate Dartboard Leveller! You know that player that always reckons the board isn’t straight? Yep, every side has one! Well this settles the argument and is a really nifty accessory!


Unicorn have added to their already excellent range of wallets with the Maxi Plus Trifold and the Midi Plus Wallet. Compact but with loads of space for darts and bits will be a success with players I am sure. How will the new dangler pouch fare – all will be revealed after the early September release of these items!


Darts wise it was a case of evolution more than revolution. A lot of the packaging has been upgraded, more player’s signature flights are available and there are some nice looking additions to a few of the ranges. The return of the legend John Part to Unicorn was my highlight and we will be stocking Darth Maple’s signature darts on release in Mid-July!

The “Any Other Business” of the launch included a Devon Petersen and Jamie Caven mobile karaoke session, a look at the new Unicorn website and an interesting insight in to the first 80 years of Unicorn darts!

PLEASE,no more food 

In the evening the hospitality is amazing. Everyone stays over at a City centre hotel and then we get ferried in a fleet of taxis to a fine Chinese restaurant. You have never had a meal like it, absolutely superb. All the Unicorn staff, players and directors are there along with “us lot” and it is great fun.

It was a most memorable day and a huge thanks to Edward and Richard and our host, rep Graham for a fantastic day as part of the Unicorn family!

Me, Graham from Unicorn and Angela aka Mrs Darts Centre!

We will be stocking everything we have reviewed here so please visit our Unicorn 2018 listing in the DPC shop. It has release dates and price guides. As soon as pre-order is available we will update this blog!

For more photos check out our Facebook album!


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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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