Rob Cross Black Pixel Darts

FROM: £88.95

Rob Cross Black Pixel darts are endorsed by World Champion Rob 'Voltage' Cross. The barrel follows Rob's chosen barrel shape and dimensions however includes Target's intricate pixel grip technology which combines both axial and radial precision-milled cuts to produce a bi-directional grip which makes it ideal for those who prefer a more enhanced grip.


52MM x   6.4MM   21g

52MM x   6.6MM   23g

52MM x   6.8MM   25g


The barrel has been coated in a black titanium nitride coating for enhanced protection and a more durable finish. Complete with Pro Grip shaft, Rob Cross Pixel NO6 flights and  Black Storm Surge points which have been uniquely designed and machined to provide the ultimate grip to both the thrower’s finger and to secure the dart once it hits the Dartboard