Portable Oche


If you are serious about your darts during a competitive match you also need to be serious about your practice. At the Darts Performance Centre we advise our clients on how to set about their practice sessions and the emphasis is on treating them as you would a competitive match.

You need to be mentally and physically prepared, have a plan and strategy of what it is you are going to practice and what you aim to achieve. Finally we ask our clients to recreate the atmosphere they generally play in, the same noise levels, wearing their usual darts kit and not to chat or text whilst in the middle of a session. 

This is why we recommend the new portable oche. This is the ideal way for dart players to establish their setting up and pre-throw routine using an oche identical or at least very similar to what they would normally find during a competitive match. 

Some of the many benefits to a dart player are:

  • Repeatability! You can throw from the identical spot every time- this will help in optimising your technique
  • Set Up- You can mimic your pre-throw set up at home as you would during a competitive match
  • You can experiment with getting your front foot in the perfect spot for your technique 
  • You will be thoroughly prepared for all your competitive matches through practising with the portable oche in place at home!