Target Vision 360 LED Lighting System


Target Vision 360 Dartboard Lighting System- Please scroll down for the video!

Using 125 individual LED lights, the Vision 360 lighting system Illuminates your board and provides consistent light regardless of the ambient lighting in your room. 

The latest in LED technology also dramatically improves your vision of the board and with 360 degrees of light the board is virtually shadowless!  Consistency is vital in darts and the Vision 360 lighting system brings one more variable under your control.

The Vision 360 lighting system is constructed from a solid, quality steel frame to house and protect the LED lights.  In addition, the steel is shaped to angle the light directly at the dartboard and not at the player, protecting the player from any glare or distraction. 

The low-voltage cable is also re-enforced to ensure a direct hit from a dart doesn’t penetrate.  The whole system easily fits to any competition sized dartboard using our brand new Titan Dartboard Locking bracket, which is supplied with the lighting system. 

The Titan Dartboard locking bracket securely locks the board to the wall with adjustable feet to allow for uneven walls.  And allow you to easily rotate the board by removing the feet from the wall, turning the board, and then re-applying them.

The feet are adjustable from the front so you don’t need to fiddle about behind your dartboard.   

  • Annular 360 Degrees Lighting System for reduced shadows in play
  • Complete with Titan Adjustable Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Perfect for home or club use.
  • Suitable for all bristle dartboards.

NB Dartboard and Surround not included.

Postage - The surround weighs around 5g and UK courier delivery is £5.95.

Europe - We have quoted £14 for delivery of this item to Europe as a general guide. Please note though this may vary and we reserve the right to advise you that postage may be extra. You will of course have the option to cancel the order or pay the extra.

Worldwide - We are not allowed to export these to the USA. Australia is £38 and Canada is £34.00 for example. For other countries please get in touch for a quote. For Australia and Canada please order and we will send you a PayPal request for the balance of the postage.

We do not make a profit on the postage, we shop around for the best price and pass that on to the customer.