Sight Right


This is now the SightRight 2!

This is an innovative training aid and we like it, a lot!

The SightRight training aid ensures you are not just central but in exactly the same position every time you throw a dart.

This helps with one of the key ingredients in perfecting your dart throwing technique, repeatability!

SIGHTRIGHT's 4 easy steps gives Perfect Dart Vision so you can position yourself perfectly on the oche time and time again.

SIGHTRIGHT prevents sighting across the line (like 99% of TV dart professionals). Why set up at the number 5 when you're aiming for treble 20?

Once SIGHTRIGHT'd, your technique and biomechanics develop a symmetrical throw i.e. Double 16 and Double 10 will feel the same.

SIGHTRIGHT straightens up the path of your darts into the dartboard dramatically reducing blocked doubles and trebles.